Weaving Australia Brenda Goggs

The Tapestries


Spiritual Home

The Land as a Spiritual Home - the land becomes landscape when viewed through western consciousness. In these works, the horizon is sometimes indeterminate, or sometimes clearly constructed, and projected onto the land. Are we looking outwards, or are we facing our own inner immensities? Does this take us beyond ourselves?
Many Mansions
The Pearl of Great Price
In the Midst of Life we are in Death: Body, Mind and Spirit (3 Works)
This suite of three tapestries is based on three works of Australian literature which address the idea of man and landscape, and land as spiritual home, or respository of 'truth'. There is a poem by John Thompson about early explorers into the desert in search of the 'truth' they imagined it held. Like Patrick White's Voss, the explorers are devoured by the truth they seek. What is that truth?

Brenda Goggs - Tapestry Artist | WEAVING AUSTRALIA