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Janet Ayliffe

Janet Ayliffe has been working as a print artist, painter and printmaker for more than 20 years. In that time, she has developed a highly original style that reflects her life, her environment and her family. A pioneer of solar plate etching techniques as well as multiple plate work, she produces art that is, at once, accessible and deeply complex and, at times, mystical.
Print artist with original paintings, waterclours, prints, etchings (solar plate a specialty) and wood engravings.

Caroline Audet

Carolyn Audet is a prolific ceramic, painting, and sculpture artist from Cygnet Tasmania, Australia. Carolyn Audet's ceramics and sculptures are whimsical and thought provoking. She paints with oil pastels, watercolour, pencil and ink.
She teaches individuals and small groups in; figurative ceramics, sculptural techniques, printmaking including: etching, collograph, linocut, textile design and Decorative tile making.

Smibert Fine Art Watercolours - Tony Smibert

Tony Smibert has held over 40 solo exhibitions around the world. His works are held in public and private corporate collections.
Tony works in watercolours, acrylic, oils and mixed media and is, within Australia, best known for landscape watercolours that are also imbued with the spirit of Japanese painting.

Robin Phillips Jewelry

Robin Phillips has a passion for designing and creating beautiful fine enamel, gold and silver jewelry
Robin Phillips designs and creates unique and exquisite fine enamel, gold and silver jewelry and cloisonne enamel pendants.

Weaving Australia

Tapestries - Tapestry Designs - Weaving Australia: Brenda Goggs is a tapestry weaver living in Canberra, ACT Australia.
Her work as a tapestry weaver focuses on ideas related to the Australian land and landscape and our place in it.

Brenda Goggs - Tapestry Artist | WEAVING AUSTRALIA