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Tapestries - Tapestry Designs - Weaving Australia: Brenda Goggs is a tapestry weaver living in Canberra, ACT Australia. She designs and weaves her own tapestry designs in modern wall hangings. Her work as a weaver focuses on ideas related to the Australian land and landscape and our place in it.

Tapestries - Weaving Australia - Wall Tapestry

My wall tapestries are woven vertically from the bottom up, on an upright scaffolding loom, or High Warp. I draw up a black and white 'cartoon', as a tapestry design drawing is called, and this hangs life-size behind the weaving. I weave from the front of the loom. Because I work from a black and white cartoon, I put in the colours as I go. This means I am not confined simply to manufacturing a tapestry from a completed idea, but am free to change my tapestries as I wish. I enjoy the risky side of this kind of decision-making process, as it keeps the long slow hours of weaving constantly interesting.
I use a cotton warp, and weave mainly with wool. As my wool comes from a variety of sources, this gives my work a textured quality. I weave out of my own personal experience, and when this is combined with my materials and technique this results in pieces which are individual and unique. Some of my tapestries are available for sale.
The notion "Weaving Australia" in tapestry designs has led to my preoccupation with the following themes that have developed in my wall tapestries:

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