Original Fabric : Creation Landscapes (2005)

Fabrics are both flat and circular, one dimensional yet three dimensional. They are stored rolled, waiting to be brought to life, whether it is the thread to be woven, or the fabric to be used. Once they have been used, they are stored flat, waiting to be reinvigorated. Fabrics imply wrapping. They make a circular motion when we enclose ourselves or something else. They suggest an overlapping. This suggests that the weft and the warp are extended infinitely.
What is the stuff of creation? A string, a knot, a warp and a weft?
Creation Landscapes
In the selvedge are the traces of the process, dots of colour forming the basis of construction. Are these the weaver's dots per inch? Native or aboriginal dots representative of the maker? The word 'fabric' makes us think automatically of clothing, but the 'fabric of life' is something far bigger than this. It is hard for us to conceive of a cloth without limit, whose beginning we cannot even understand. In the beginning was the word... it is interesting that 'text' and weaving are etymologically related.
Creation Landscapes
Was this dots of breath and vapour, twining together in a sinuous pattern of linkages, producing warps and wefts?
Creation Landscapes
6 irregularly shaped woven tapestry pieces 60cm x 30cm dimensions variable 10 woven fragments 12cm x 8cm approx